Blues Win Richardson Pioneer Men’s Fastball League!

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Blues Win Richardson Pioneer Men’s Fastball League!
Blues won their way through the B- Side to win the Bronze Mitt as League Champs for the second time in 3 years. Rhein defeated Wynyard in the A Final but lost the next two to the Blues. Playoff MVP Mike Jordan pitched 4 games Saturday to win the title for the Blues.

RIchardson Pioneer Men’s Fastball League Playoffs:

Friday 5:30 in Wadena
Rosebud Royals 8 Fishing Lake Cubs 0

Rhein Rockets 5 Wadena Wildcats 1

Friday 5:30 in Foam Lake:

Foam Lake Merchants 14 Stoney Creek Braves 13 in Extra innings

Wynyard Blues 7 Da Boyz 0

Friday 7:00

Wynyard Blues 7 Foam Lake 4

Stoney Creek Braves 10 Da Boyz 4

Rhein 8 Rosebud 0

Wadena 9 Fishing lake 6

Saturday In Foam Lake:


Stoney Creek Braves 2 Rosebud Royals 1

Wadena Wildcats 6 Foam lake Merchants 1


Rhein 10-4 Wynyard (A-Final)

Stoney 4-3 Wadena


Wynyard 11 Stoney 1 (B-Final)

9-1 Wynyard Blues over Rhein Rockets. (A/B Final)

Wynyard Blues 9-1 over Rhein Rockets in Final.

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