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Day 1 of Playoffs

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Western Cycle Conference:

Balcarres broncs – 12
Neudorf Posse – 1

Balcarres Broncs- 7
Rhein Rockets – 6 in extra innings

Balcarres Advances to League A Finals
Rhein and Neudorf to B Side of Double knockout.

Pattison Ag Conference Playoffs:

Rosebud Royals 4
Rosebud Junior Royals 3

WP James Holowaty

Foam Lake Merchants 7
Wynyard Blues 6

WP Ryan Junop

Rosebud JR Royals 3
Wynyard Blues 2

WP Austin Paquachan

Rosebud Royals 11
Foam Lake Merchants 5

WP James Holowaty

Rosebud Royals advance to A Final. Foam Lake and JR Royals are in the B July 1st for the league Finals Tournament.


Richardson Pioneer Fastball League Playoff Picture:
In each conference top 4 teams make playoffs. In the Western Cycle Source for Sports Conference with one game still remaining between Neudorf Posse and Da Boyz tonight the placings are not going to be effected. Rhein 1st, Neudorf 2nd, Balcarres 3rd, Da Boyz 4th. Meanwhile in the Pattison Ag Conference Foam Lake Merchants will claim first place with a win over Wynyard Blues tonight in Foam Lake at 7:00. A tie or Merchant loss gives the Rosebud Royals first place. Wynyard Blues are guaranteed 3rd place and Rosebud Junior Royals will finish in 4th.

Pattison Ag Conference (Top half of draw) Tuesday June 25th in Wynyard 6:15
Foam Lake OR Rosebud Royals vs Rosebud Jr Royals
Foam lake OR Rosebud Royals vs Wynyard Blues
NOTE: A Foam Lake win on Tuesday Night gives them first place in Conference and they will face the Jr Royals. A tie or loss and the Rosebud Royals are 1st.

Western Cycle Source for Sports Conference Tuesday June 25th in Rhein 6:15
Rhein Rockets vs Da Boyz (Gordons)
Balcarres Broncs vs Neudorf Posse

Second Games in Each Conference Tuesday 7:15
Winners play Winners and Losers Play Losers

10:00 AM The 4 Teams with 1-1 records from Tuesday play (teams crossover to other to play team from other conference)
12:00 A and B Finals: Winners from 10:00 in B and teams that won 2 games on Tuesday in A
3:00 A loser vs B winner
5:00 LEAGUE FINAL A winner vs B Winner (Note: B Winner does NOT have to beat A Winner twice. A winner has home field advantage)

Tuesday June 18th:
Wynyard Blues 18
Fishing Lake Cubs 1
WP: Mike Jordan
Home Runs: Jordan Karakochuck, Logan Karakochuk (Wyn)

Neudorf Posse 3
Balcarres Broncs 1
WP: Drew Hoehn
HR: Chris Baber (Posse)

Thursday June 20th:
Balcarres Broncs 18
Da Boyz 0
WP: Not reported

Friday June 21st:
Neudorf Posse 3
Rhein Rockets 13
WP: Justice Keshane
HR: Justice Keshane (RR)

Saturday June 22nd
Rosebud Royals 8
Neudorf Posse 7
WP: James Holowaty
HR: 3 Drew Hoehn (Drew Hoehn pitched complete game for Posse and hit 3 home runs)

Rosebud Royals 11
Rosebud Junior Royals 2
WP: James Holowaty
Home Runs: Lance Holowaty, Scott Comfort, Dylon Murias (Royals)

Sunday June 23rd:
Balcarres Broncs 3
Rhein Rockets 7
WP: Terry Peppler
HR: Rhett Reeve (Rhein)

Rhein Rockets 11
Balcarres Broncs 8
WP: Brett Peppler
HR: Craig Geisler (Broncs)
Evan Neibrandt (Rockets)

Rosebud Royals 5
Foam Lake Merchants 5
Pitchers: James Holowaty and Ryan Junop
HR: Mark Pankratz

Pictured: Tristen McMartin (Rosebud Royals) batting against Drew Hoehn (Neudorf Posse) Saturday in Ituna in very wet conditions.


Western Cycle Source for Sports Conference:

Rhein Rockets 3
Neudorf Posse 2
WP justice Keshane

Pattison Agriculture Conference:

Rosebud Royals 5
Fishing Lake Cubs 3

WP James Holowaty
LP Barry Belanger

Recent results

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RPFL In Foam Lake Sunday Inter-Conference :

Neudorf Posse 6
Foam Lake Merchants 0
WP: Drew Hoehn

Fishing Lake Cubs 13
Balcarres Broncs – 11

Rosebud Junior Royals – 11
Balcarres Broncs- 10
WP Austin Paquachon

Neudorf Posse – 12
Rosebud Junior Royals – 2
LP: Dominic Orr
WP: Drew Hoehn
HR: Neudorf Colby Lubachowski and Devon Blenkiron

Foam Lake Merchants 10
Balcarres Broncs 2

Fishing Lake Cubs 3
Neudorf Posse 15
WP: Drew Hoehn

Merchants over the Cubs 16 – 1 in Fishing Lake. Winning pitcher Ryan Junop Losing pitcher Korbet Sabbot. Home runs: Greg Beaudoin and Darcy McLean (first ever at 49 years). Triple: Mark Pankratz.

3 Balcarres Broncs
2 Neudorf Posse:
Wp dairian bellgarde 1 earned run 15 Ks
Save Colby Davidson 4 ks
L drew Hoehn 13 ks
Colby Davidson andreaus del Rey’s (2 triples) 2-3 each

14-2 Neudorf over Gordon’s in 5 innings
WP Drew Hoehn 14Ks
HR Shayne Maurer
Relief pitcher Matthew Nielsen
Drew struck out the side in the first inning. Shayne Maurer hit a hone run and the posse didn’t look back


Richardson Pioneer Fastball League
Pattison Ag Conference
RE/MAX Diamond in Wadena June 4:
Rosebud Royals 7
Fishing Lake Cubs 0
WP James Holowaty
HR: Scott Comfort Royals
Joey Leach Royals

The Game was secondary to the BBQ Fundraiser the Wadena Learn to Play team put on for Tessa Anderson, A 4-year old girl from Wadena going through Leukaemia treatments. Tessa brother Taitum plays on the Learn to Play Wildcats. The BBQ was a huge success with over 500 burgers/smokies sold, raffle prizes, and homemade bracelets made and sold by Tessa’s cousin Syndey selling out. If you were unable to make the event and want to donate contact any Rosebud Royal, search “Sweet Little Tessa Anderson” Facebook, or contact Insurance Matters in Wadena.

With the huge crowd behind the home team, the Royals shot out of the gate with Dylan Murias hitting a single, a Carson Scheschuck triple and Scott Comfort following it up with a two-run Home Run. Joey Leach kept the attack rolling in the second with a solo homer in 2. Cubs had chances with runners in a few innings but pitchers James Holowaty and Koby Faubert held the Cubs scoreless. The game was shot by Access Communications on a tape delay. Stay tuned for air dates.