Day 1 of Playoffs

Posted by Richardson Pioneer Men's Fastball League on Jun 25 2019 at 10:21PM PDT in Ball 2019

Western Cycle Conference:

Balcarres broncs – 12
Neudorf Posse – 1

Balcarres Broncs- 7
Rhein Rockets – 6 in extra innings

Balcarres Advances to League A Finals
Rhein and Neudorf to B Side of Double knockout.

Pattison Ag Conference Playoffs:

Rosebud Royals 4
Rosebud Junior Royals 3

WP James Holowaty

Foam Lake Merchants 7
Wynyard Blues 6

WP Ryan Junop

Rosebud JR Royals 3
Wynyard Blues 2

WP Austin Paquachan

Rosebud Royals 11
Foam Lake Merchants 5

WP James Holowaty

Rosebud Royals advance to A Final. Foam Lake and JR Royals are in the B July 1st for the league Finals Tournament.


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