Royals go 3-0 at home.

Posted by Richardson Pioneer Men's Fastball League on May 12 2019 at 08:53PM PDT in Ball 2019

Saskatchewan North Central Boys Softball League

May 12, 2019

Game 1:
– Rosebud Royals(15) vs Saskatoon Selects Fury(3)

- On RE/MAX Diamond mound in Wadena : Rosebud Royals : Koby Faubert (9 strikeouts)

- Carter Mclean of Rosebud Royals (3 run Homerun)

Game 2:
Shellbrook Rangers(17) vs Saskatoon Selects Swat(12)
Dalton Wasden

Shellbrook came back from a 1-8 deficit

Game 3:
– Rosebud Royals(13) vs Saskatoon Selects Swat(9)

- On the mound on Remax Diamond in Wadena : Rosebud Royals : Griffen Helberg

- Mike Sowa (Saskatoon) hit a grand slam
- Luke Scutchings (Rosebud) was 2/3 and had 2 RBIs

Game 4:
Shellbrook Rangers(2) vs Saskatoon Selects Blue(6)

Kieran Loucks

Game 5:
– Rosebud Royals(13) vs Shellbrook Rangers (5)

- On the mound on Remax Diamond in Wadena : Dominic Orr

Game 6:
Saskatoon Selects Swat(15) vs Saskatoon Selects Blue(3)

WP :
Cohen Bear


  1. Royals Carter McLean touching home after his Homer


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