4 Junior Royals Attend Team Canada Camp

Posted by Richardson Pioneer Men's Fastball League on May 11 2019 at 09:18PM PDT in Ball 2019

4 Junior Royals Attend Team Canada Camp

Four members of the Rosebud Junior Royals attended the Western tryout camp for the 2020 Junior Men’s National Team in Saskatoon.  The camp started with a fitness test involving the beep test, push ups, sit ups and plank timing.  Following this, were agility and speed drills including timed base running and side to side movements.   Next up were throws from centrefield to home, shortstop to first and third to first, both clocked for speed and accuracy. Next, the boys headed indoors to the new Gordie Howe Sports Complex Indoor Fields to perform bunting and tracking exit velocities off of bats from hitting drills.  Finally, the pitchers were “gunned” for the speeds of their drop ball, rise ball, changeup and curveball. The final drill involved throwing a specific pitch to a specific spot 10 times.  

The boys will find out their overall scores from the entire day of testing in about one month.  Attending the tryout were Griffen Helberg, Koby Faubert, Luke Scutchings and Dominik Orr.

The team will be coached by Jeff Ellsworth from PEI and will play in a qualifying tournament in Guatemala before heading to New Zealand for Worlds.


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